Celebrating Procurement Professionals

March is recognized as procurement month by NIGP and we at NCL Government Capital are pleased to work alongside so many great individuals helping their communities do more with less. Along with NIGP, “we celebrate what you do today and every day because no matter the circumstance public procurement professionals…PROCURE ON” – The Institute for Public Procurement

As we celebrate those hard working procurement professionals, it is a great time to review how NCL Government Capital can stretch your budget allowing you to do more with less for your community. You can download our Doing More with Less flyer with the button bellow or read the key points below.

GET THE EQUIPMENT YOU NEED, WHEN YOU NEED IT – Budgeting for finance payments is infinitely easier than trying to tackle the entire project cost. Financing allows you to complete your entire project, including soft cost all at once rather than phasing which has the added cost of waiting such as rising rates, increasing prices and incurred maintenance costs.

YOUR COMMUNITIES GROWTH SHOULDN’T BE HINDERED – Our communities shouldn’t be hindered by budgeting constraints. With a tax-exempt municipal lease, your purchasing power is increased 5-7X allowing you to utilize your current & future budget(s) or the items you need today.

FLEXIBLE, CUSTOMIZED FINANCING SOLUTIONS – Increased flexibility with zero down payment requirements, deferred payment options and terms up to 30 years. Our exclusive Sourcewell-awarded contract for financing ensures you satisfy bid requirements and expedites the process eliminating voter approval in most states. Each NCL TEML contains non-appropriation language with lease payments not being considered long-term debt thus not contributing to your debt limits.

YOUR TRUSTED PARTNER – NCL Government Capital has over 20 years of experience in government lending and serves communities across the country. We look forward to connecting on a personal level and providing you with financing solutions for years to come. NCL Government Capital and you, Better Together.