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At NCL Government Capital, we can help you finance fleet vehicles, heavy equipment, technology, parks & rec equipment, and buildings & facilities projects. If you need it, NCL’s municipal financing specialists will work to find a funding solution tailored to you. As you consider leasing through NCL, use this Capital Equipment Lease Calculator to estimate your monthly payment amount. Though it won’t be an exact estimate, it will give you a good ballpark to understand your purchasing power and finance options.

At NCL Government Capital, we hold the only Sourcewell-awarded contract for financing. Whether you are utilizing a Sourcewell contract or state contract, we provide you a truly competitively-bid turnkey procurement solution.

NCL Payment Calculator

Project Total (Equipment + Soft Costs)
$50,000 $1,000,000
5 years15 years
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This tool is intended to give you an insight to what you can expect to pay. Contact one of our account executives today and have a formal quote within minutes at 320-763-7600

For more detailed results, please request a quote below or download the Municipal Credit Application Form. Your best resource to understand your financing options and potential payments is to talk to one of our Account Executives at (320) 763-7600.

Recent Questions

What is the benefit of becoming a Sourcewell member?

Sourcewell membership is free for all government agencies, public and private schools/colleges, tribal governments, and nonprofit organizations.

Once you receive your member number, you can purchase on any Sourcewell awarded contract, including competitively-bid financing through NCL Government Capital.

How do I utilize my Sourcewell membership to take advantage of financing through NCL Government Capital?

  1. Find a Vendor: Sourcewell has hundreds of awarded vendor contracts across multiple industries. You can search their site by product type or filter construction contracts by state and county.
  2. Obtain a Quote: After finding what you need through Sourcewell, you can quickly contact the vendor for a quote that includes flexible financing through NCL Government Capital.
  3. Complete Your Purchase: The NCL team will work with your preferred vendor to create the terms, structure, and payment schedule that fits your budget so you can take delivery right away.

What is a non-appropriation clause?

Every agency is required to budget expenditures for the next fiscal year. In the event the agency does not include the lease payments in the budget, the agency can elect to return the equipment and cancel the lease without penalty.

Why is a non-appropriation clause necessary?

Non-appropriation is what differentiates a lease from a loan. Most agencies are allowed to enter into a lease without voter approval. A loan or bond may require voter approval.

What is a Tax-Exempt Municipal Lease Purchase (TELP)?

A Tax-Exempt Municipal Lease is similar to a loan with the exception of the non-appropriation clause. The agency takes ownership of the equipment (or project) from day one, and NCL Government Capital is a secured party. There are no end of lease options to buy, renew or return equipment. The agency owns the equipment free and clear upon NCL’s receipt of the last payment.

Why would an agency choose to non-appropriate for lease payments?

There are a variety of reasons an agency may choose to non-appropriate. One of the common reasons is that the agency determines the leased equipment is no longer essential, therefore choosing not to budget for future payments.

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