Procurement Simplified. The NCL Roadmap.

The procurement process consist of numerous facets and when pertaining to large projects and/or high dollar equipment, the process tends to become even more drawn out. At NCL Government Capital, we work with BOTH vendors and end users to streamline the procurement process while providing a competitively-bid financial solution.

“Time is money” – Benjamin Franklin

For those short on time, take a quick glance at the graphic below and you’ll see that with our 20+ years of experience in government lending, we can not only put your procurement in the fast lane, we can alleviate some of the common headaches procurement and purchasing professionals experience.

While we encourage vendors to include a financing proposal with every quote, the sooner NCL Government Capital is brought into the transaction, the better. Regardless if the vendor or end user initiates the financing, let us perform the heavy lifting during the transaction and structure funding that not only increases your purchasing power but can also expedite the entire process. Purchasing off a contract creates a purchasing process that satisfies bid requirements and can shave weeks if not months off the project timeline with the need for an RFP removed. Add those same benefits to the funding side of the transaction and you have a “turnkey” approach to procurement that satisfies bid requirements.

Whether you are a manufacture/vendor who wants to create a competitive advantage by proactively providing financing quotes or an end user who needs 10 vehicles but your current budget can only allow for 5, NCL Government Capital can help. Our most common financial solution is a tax-exempt municipal lease which can increase your purchasing power as much as 7X all while being competitively-bid, can be structured with deferred payments and includes non-appropriation language. Contact us now for better procurement tomorrow!