NCL Government Capital at Fire-Rescue International in Dallas, TX

Cooperative procurement in public safety holds significant potential for cost savings, efficiency, and enhanced service quality. By leveraging collective buying power and sharing resources, public safety agencies can achieve better outcomes for the communities they serve.

When it comes to public safety, the vast majority of purchases are for essential equipment. Equipment that is required for keeping the community safe and saving lives. So when departments face budgeting constraints, there may be times when tough decisions have to be made or projects have to be delayed until the funding becomes available. With NCL Government Capital, we work closely with departments along with the manufacturers and dealers to simplify the procurement process all while saving the agency time and money.

Throughout our 20+ years specializing in government lending and cooperative procurement projects, NCL Government Capital has allowed departments of all sizes to leverage their available resources and provide up to 7X the purchasing power with tax-exempt municipal leasing. With a TEML, agencies can utilize financing with the lowest cost with the added benefits of non-appropriation language, deferred payments and zero down requirements.

This year, Fire-Rescue International is in Dallas, Texas at the Kay Bailey Hutchinson Convention Center with NCL Government Capital at booth 2432. We are excited to educate manufactures, dealers, vendors and public safety personnel on the benefits of cooperative purchasing and the leasing and financing solutions we offer. With this years show, we are also honored to be right next to Sourcewell. If you are unfamiliar with Sourcewell, they combine the buying power of more than 50,000 government, education, and nonprofit organizations to save you time and money. With NCL Government Capital and Sourcewell, your public safety procure is Procurement Simplified!