NCL Attending FDIC in Indianapolis

As we prepare for FDIC 2024, we are excited to be sharing a powerful tool for fire departments of all sizes, competitively-bid funding solutions. At NCL, our competitively-bid and awarded Sourcewell contract creates a turnkey approach to public safety procurement. While a requirement in some states, it certainly is considered best practice to have both sides of the transaction be competitively-bid, the equipment, AND the funding source. Through our 20+ years of experience, we have truly simplified the procurement process for your department on items ranging from turnout gear, ladder or pumper trucks to fire halls.

A tax-exempt municipal lease allows your department to utilize on hand funds and/or your existing operating budget to make purchases on the equipment you need to serve your community while increasing your purchasing power as much as 7X! In our experience and likely yours, the cost of waiting far exceeds the cost associated with financing your equipment and a TEML provides the least expensive form of financing available to agencies such as fire departments, even volunteer ones. With a tax-exempt municipal lease from NCL, you get the added benefits of non-appropriation langue, deferred payments and terms long enough to make payments manageable for departments of all sizes.

Working with NCL Government Capital was a learning process for all of us. In the past our equipment purchases were limited to the funds we had on hand. We discovered financing opportunities that changed our traditional ways of thinking, which will open more doors for us in the future. NCL will be one of the first calls we make when the opportunity arises again.

Jane Blade – City of Alexandria on $1M+ ladder truck purchase