Fireside Chat – Tax Exempt Municipal “Leasing”

At NCL Government Capital, we focus solely on government financing and with our Sourcewell awarded contract for financing, we are able to provide a turnkey procurement solution with competitively-bid financing. You might be asking yourself why do we call it a lease then? As you read that opening line, surely you can’t ignore the fact we mentioned “financing” three times.

Jake recently made a trip up to Sourcewell HQ and sat down with Andy Campbell to take part in a “Fireside Chat” regarding tax-exempt municipal leases and fleet financing. We frequently hear communities having the same concern, we need the equipment today but we’ve exhausted our budget until next year or we really need 5 pieces of equipment but can only afford 1. This is where you call NCL Government Capital and learn how a tax-exempt municipal lease increases your purchasing power, streamlines procurement and provides you a solution that saves time, money and includes non-appropriation.

Non-appropriation, that is what takes this process from “financing” to a lease. Every tax-exempt municipal lease from NCL includes non-appropriation language. What this provides is an out clause if future budgets are not secured for the items being financed eliminating future debt obligations if one fails to appropriate funds during the next budget cycle.

Contact one of our account executives today to learn how NCL Government Capital can increase your purchasing power while decreasing funding headaches with your next procurement project. With NCL and cooperative purchasing, we help yo do more with less!

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