FDIC Indianapolis 2023 – Recap

We had an excellent few days in Indianapolis for the FDIC Expo and made some great new connections with departments, vendors and manufactures. It was also a great opportunity to grow our existing relationships as we work together to keep our communities safe and assist departments procure the equipment they need to serve.

A common theme presented itself during our time at our booth. Department after department would bring up almost the exact same phrase: “Wish our department had the available funds for …”.

With our Sourcewell awarded contract for financing, we have the ability to increase your departments purchasing power as much as 5-7X with proven financial solutions. Utilizing a tax-exempt municipal lease from NCL provides the most cost effective way for your department to secure the funds required for the turnout gear, training simulator or even firetruck that you need to keep your community safe.

If your department is looking for an alternative to bonds, wants to maintain cash flow or simply looking for increased purchasing power, contact us today to learn more!