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At NCL Government Capital, we use the phrase “better together” frequently. What does that mean? We are glad you asked and are about to tell you. NCL holds an exclusively awarded Sourcewell contract for financing bringing you competitively-bid funding solutions to your customers. As a manufacture or vendor, having customers purchase equipment off contract is nothing new but what might be is offering a financing solution in your sales process. You’ve heard of Forbes Magazine right? Well they published an article utilizing data from Forrester Research that stated providing a financing solution during the sales process increases totals sales by 30%.

How do you implement payment options with customer quotes? You simply partner with NCL Government Capital and one of our account executives will give you a quick demo and onboard you to our Vendor Portal. With our exclusive NCL Vendor Portal, you and your team have 24/7 access to generating financing quotes which you can include in each of your proposals. This brings up a great topic, the belief that the majority of transactions are cash but data from the ELFA states otherwise. The Equipment Leasing and Finance Association has determined that over 70% of companies utilize some form of financing when purchasing equipment and the amount of government leasing has doubled over recent year according to data from the Association for Governmental Leasing and Finance (AGLF).

“After partnering with NCL and accessing the vendor portal, a member of the sales team used the calculator to send financing quotes out to 3 stalled leads in his pipeline. 2 days later a customer called back informing him they would move forward with the purchase and added additional equipment to the order as the financing payments were well within their budget”

Zetron Sales Team

With all this data, if you aren’t including financing options with your quotes, your competition is likely doing so. Recent economic conditions, particularly the rise in supply chain disruptions, have increased the unknown variables surrounding a typical transaction. Having the ability to control the money is just one way you can maintain more control of your sales process and provide a better experience for your customers. Circling back to supply chain constraints, at NCL we are able to defer payments up to 12 months which can dramatically alleviate budgeting concerns for your customer.

Recently we had a Municipality we worked with that was hoping for a grant to pay for a much-needed Salt Storage building. Unfortunately, the grant was not approved and they desperately needed a solution to help pay for the storage. Enter NCL Government Capital, they were able to provide the capital to make the project happen

Dave Hoyer | Britespan

Curious about adding NCL Government Capital to your sales process or accessing our vendor portal? Send us a quick email and we would be happy to become “Better Together” and simplify the procurement process. In addition, you’ll find two flyers below which showcase why you should offer a financing solution and an intro into tax-exempt municipal leases and when to discuss these topics with your customer.